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Makeup Tips to Help You Look Your Most Flattering on Virtual Meetings!

After more than 2 years of work-from-home arrangement, and possibly hundreds of zoom calls and Google meet virtual meetings, we are all aware that looking good on screen is not always easy.

So how can we leverage makeup to look our very best (or at the very least, professional) on camera? 

Here are some simple tips to help you master a quick and easy makeup routine for looking as good on-screen as you do in person.


Do Your Makeup with Your Screen On

Find that you look different on screen than in the mirror? This is because camera sensors capture and process light information differently from how light just simply reflects off the mirror into our eyes.

For this simple reason, instead of doing your makeup in front of the mirror, it makes a lot more sense to prepare your look with your screen on so you can see exactly how the final look will translate on screen.

Good Lighting

As with taking good photos, looking good on-screen has a lot to do with good lighting

Front-facing, natural diffused light works the best in helping to soften and even out your complexion, so setting up near a light source would be ideal 

At the same time, avoid harsh overhead lighting as it could exaggerate shadows on your face making you look more tired and gaunt. If that’s the only source of light in your space, consider investing in a ring light.

Go For a Fresh-Faced Look

It’s a zoom call, no one is expecting you to go all out with a full-on glam look. The goal is to look fresh-faced and professional – and the key is flawless and glowing skin.

As cameras tend to pick up on and even accentuate uneven skin tones, redness, and puffy eyes, make sure to use concealers or colour correctors to achieve that even-looking base on screen!

Want to go the extra mile to add a little glow? Don’t forget your illuminating foundation to give your skin that extra coverage and oomph!

Focus On Your Eyes

Want to look more awake during your boring work calls? A good mascara and eyeliner are your best bet.

When choosing an eyeliner, go for a dark shade (e.g., black or dark brown) on your upper waterline, and white or nude shades on your bottom waterline to open the eyes for a more attentive look.

Want to give your eye a little more definition and sparkle? Make sure to curl your lashes and layer on a few coats of mascara to help them fan out to create a wide doe eye effect. 

A Pop of Colour on The Cheeks and Lips

Everything on screen tends to look dull and dreary, so introducing a pop of colour can help to brighten your look. 

For the cheeks, a tad of bright warm-toned blush is the way to go for a brightening effect.

For the lips, you can experiment with brighter coloured lipsticks (that you might not try in real-life settings) since the camera ends up toning it down.


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